Indications are, BEEP in SmileBasic V1 is identical to that in V2.


BEEP is a command which plays a simple sound. It can take up to 4 numerical parameters, each of which gets rounded down if it is not an integer.

The first parameter is 0 by default. It represents what kind of sound is generated by the command. See the List of Preset Sound Effects.

The second parameter is the pitch, and is 0 by default. The sound generated can be lowered in pitch by up to 2 octaves (represented by a value of -8192), or raised in pitch by up to 2 octaves (represented by a value of 8192).

The third parameter is the volume, and is 127 by default. 0 represents no sound, and 127 represents the loudest possible.

The fourth parameter represents the left-right balance, and is 64 by default. A value of 0 means the sound will play mostly on the left speaker, and a value of 127 means the sound will play mostly on the right speaker. 64 represents equal volume on both speakers.

Thus, the command BEEP is equivalent to BEEP 0,0,127,64.


No information on SmileBasic V3.

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