HNI 0006

General Info
Genre(s): Action, Adventure
Contributor(s): EctoBiologist4
Release Date: Sept 16,2013
Development Status: Beta
Version: 0.065
Size: 53340 B
Mode(s): Single-Player
Language(s): English

A game based on the anime/manga series Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin and the browser game at


  • Control Pad-Move
  • Touch Screen-Aim 3d Maneuver Gear
  • Y-Attack (with swords equipped) or grab with no swords
  • R-Equip and drop swords
  • X-Use gas (while falling) to stay airborne longer and increase speed
  • A-Use special move
  • B-Jump
  • L-Use 3DMG
  • Start-Pause


Forest Demo

-Remade gas

-Added death animation for titans

-Improved the grab escapes and made them less broken

-Added 2 new titan attacks, improved hitboxes and made it more accurate

-New deviant titan; crawler, crawls really fast and tries to crush you or jump up and bite you if you're too high (hopefully it's op ;) )

-Can hit titan's achilles tendon to knock them down for a bit

-NPC is optional

-Added pause menu

-Minor graphical/performance improvements

Titan Demo

A demo of the new version featuring remade physics, new titans, an NPC and one mission

Version 0.065

-Major update- New graphics, new area, new Titan mechanics,started working on achievements and missions

Version 0.05

Minor update

Version 0.001

Initial release

Future Plans

Deviant titans, Titan Shifters, more characters, Titan Shifting, more missions, civilians to rescue, better animations, and custom character support

Videos and Screenshots


Colossal Titan




Ignore what I wrote earlier, it'll crash and END anyway so there's no point in changing it XD

The crawling titans can crash the game by killing you multiple times even after you're dead.