Welcome to the AntiHack Explanation Program! In this program I should clear up all questions about AntiHack, how it works, and what its purpose is. Here are a few things I may have missed, though: This tool is for game developers for petit computer, who don't want others to mod or hack or cheat in the game, which is why they can use the program AntiScan to see how vulnerable the program is to being modified on the vulnerability-o-meter, and can use AntiHack to patch it. If all goes as planned, this could be a very popular system.



PLEASE, give me feedback on my system and how it works! It helps me fix anything unlikable or unworking, and hopefully none of it is either of them. But give me your opinion on this whole thing.



The creator of this program is ShadowFlamingFury of the Petit Computer wiki. You may freely edit this program, as long as you give credit to the original creator, ShadowFlamingFury. I am not responsible for any misguided editing or using of this program.

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