Intro Edit

Before I say anything, I need to tell you... Amazon galaxia is text-based. No! Don't go! I have more to tell you ! Wait Wait WAIT!

Are you still here? Well, if you're reading this, You're still here. Anyway...

Amazon Galaxia
Photo on 9-8-15 at 5.31 PM

General Info
Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Games
Contributor(s): IndieGO
Release Date: sept. 8
Development Status: good. Report any bugs
Version: v1.0. may release new blocks or features soon!
Size: two QR codes. However big that might be.
Mode(s): see version
Language(s): english

Amazon Galaxia takes place one thousand years after affordable, modular, reusable space travel was invented, but only two years after the United States adopted the metric system (sorry, Ron Paul). You work for Amazon, which is now the only way you can buy goods in the galaxy. You deliver various items: Cheese, The iPhone 65.2.SameAsLastVersion, two by five by three sheets of high grade aluminum alloy, but you have to watch out for pirates. Or space pirates. Or whatever. Because you are a private contractor because of *cough-employee-benefits-cough*, you receive a cut of whatever money you get by selling various items. This also means that you have to build and upgrade your ship yourself. Buy laser blasters, security modules and thrusters to evade pirates. If you're interested in getting a little more cash, buy yourself an additional cargo bay. And of course, nothing functions without power from solar panels. Oh, and there's an easter egg hidden in the game, too.

Instructions Edit

-Use the d-pad or the touch screen to move the cursor around.

-Use the two arrow buttons at the bottom of the screen to select which block to place. When selecting a block type, it's icon will appear, then it's name, then it's price, then however much money you have.

-use A to place a block

-use B to end building. On the console, information will be displayed about the progress of the pirate attack.

Photo on 9-8-15 at 5.31 PM

Download Edit


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