Explained in Game

You can search, travel in 4 directions or eat.

SE-Searches the room for hidden objects

EA-Eats some of your food for hunger or health

N,S,E,W- Directional commands.


Version 1.0.0

First release, Demo Boss fight.

Version 1.1.0

'Attempted to add more life to the game with colors. Grammar fixes Cleaned up code. Started Chapter 2 Changed title Changed file name to ATA

Future Plans

Finish the game.


Text Adventure 1

Text adventure Qr Codes

IMPORTANT At line 294 there is a variable called 4A$ Change it to A$ you also need to change it in the IF THEN statements.

1.0.1 glitch fix

Line 294 changed, For if you are lazy.

Text Adventure 1 GLitch fix

Variables Changed, DOWNLOAD THIS ONE!

1.1 Update


This one


demo boss fight at end, Erase the Thingies to play it.

There isn't much on this page or in the game itself, but I plan on working on it for a while.

It isn't a long game, and it is pretty unpolished look wise, but I think there is a good solid 3 minutes of game here. I honestly do no care what you do to this as long as you don't pass anything as your own, unless you added it. Distribute it or your edits to anyone, as long as you don't say it is all yours. That would make buffaloes everywhere cry.


List anyone who worked on this game.