APPEND is not a command in SmileBasic V1.


APPEND can only be used in "Run Mode" (within a program, it will generate an Illegal function call error), and it takes one parameter, a string value representing the filename of a PRG-type file. The actual prefix "PRG:" is optional, and need not be in the string. Any other resource prefix generates an Illegal resource type (APPEND) error, but does not modify RESULT. If the file does not exist, a screen appears notifying the user, and RESULT is set to FALSE.

If the string refers to a PRG file that exists, then RESULT is set to TRUE, a screen shows that the file is loading, and the contents of the program file referenced are added to the end of the current contents of program memory - as far as they fit, within the line-number limit (9999 lines) and character limit (524288 characters). After loading is complete, another screen appears notifying the user. If the total number of lines would be greater than 9999 after the APPEND, only as many lines as will bring the total up to 9999 will be added, and the rest will be discarded. If the total number of characters would be greater than 524288, only as many characters as will bring the total to 524288 will be added (taking into account that the final character in program memory is always necessarily an end-of-line character), and the rest will be discarded. In these two scenarios, APPEND will FAIL SILENTLY. The value of RESULT will be TRUE, and there is NO indication that the append operation has not been completed successfully. If you APPEND program file that ends in the line GOTO @LOOP12, for instance, you may end up with a program that ends in the line GOTO @LOOP1.


No information on SmileBasic V3.

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