3D Sphere Drawing Program
General Info
Genre(s): Tech Demo
Contributor(s): furrysalamander
Release Date: 11/6/2014
Version: 1.0
Language(s): English

So I was bored in calculus, and I bet my friend I could make a simple 3D renderer. He bet I couldn't, so I bet him that I could make one in 20 lines of code or less. Mission success. I did add a setting for making the light level drop based on the graph of X^2, so I'm at 21 right now. Anyways, have fun, mess around with some of the variables, it's a pretty cool demo, and it's a very small taste of many of the experimental projects I've got going on right now, one of which is a full scale 3D rendering engine. I've got all the logic written out in hand, but I might wait to program it until I have the full speed of my 3DS available.


3D Sphere Drawing Program

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