000 (Quicklauncher)
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General Info
Contributor(s): Randomouscrap98
Release Date: June 1 2015
Development Status: Final?
Version: 1.0
Language(s): English

000 is a quick-launcher application. You can use it to organize your frequently used programs and give them a snazzy icon. It gets tiresome sifting through piles of partially completed programs and whatnot; sometimes I just want to start Sudoku or something else without searching for it.


Tap the "-NEW-" icons to create a launcher. Enter then name, then draw an icon for the program. Once you're done, you can now launch the program by tapping on it.

In the editor, the BXY buttons are used to change the type of drawing tool.

  • B - A regular line
  • Y - Paint bucket fill
  • X - All fill (entire image)

You can also use the D-Pad and the A button to draw each pixel.

On the home screen, you can use either the D-Pad or the ABY buttons to manage the launchers. More info can be found by tapping the button in the bottom right corner.


000 - Quicklauncher

00 - Quicker LauncherEdit

As a sort of "side along" application, I've made another quicklauncher called "00". This launcher is not graphical and you cannot create or use icons. However, it's about 15% of the original's size, and starts up much faster. Actions such as swapping, deleting, and creating a new program launcher are all much faster too. If speed is your thing, try this one instead. This launcher uses the same save file as 000; the programs can be used together without save file conflicts. Changes made in one will be reflected in the other.

Instructions for Quicker LauncherEdit

  • Navigate with D-Pad
  • Press A on a program to launch it.
  • Hold L or R to unlock the X (delete), Y (swap), B (reset), and START (save) buttons, as well as unlock the additional functions of A (create).
  • Holding on the touch screen will show the save file.

Download for Quicker LauncherEdit

00 - Quicker Launcher


Errm I don't know if I'm going to work on this any more. It's pretty useless.

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